10 off the wall ideas to make some quick cash

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There’s nothing worse than being stony broke, especially when you need to make a rent payment, fill your car with petrol for work tomorrow or buy a birthday card for the other half. When all other sources of credit are used up and you’re standing at the pinnacle of desperation, here are a few weird and wonderful ideas to make yourself a quick quid.

1.       Get crafty: The world is going nuts for hand crafted goodies, from homemade jewellery to hand sewn stuffed owls made from reclaimed vintage fabric. Get your sewing kit out and get on Etsy to see if you can make some fast cash.

2.       Sell your stuff: All over the internet are opportunities for instant cash. Whether you want to wait 3 or 5 days for an auction listing, sell locally on Facebook or just weigh in a bag of clothes or DVD’s with one of the online recyclers is up to you.

3.       Raid your coppers jar: People have a habit of collecting pennies, tuppences and even small silver in various pots and jars around the home. Gather them together and get counting, as they could be worth more than you though.

4.       Check your clubcard: You could have a good few pounds already squirreled away on your loyalty cards, so dig them out and check them. Clubcard, Nectar and Boots Advantage all pay generous store credit for points, and they sell birthday cards too.

5.       Take a chance: If you’ve got a few pennies left, you could always try the online casinos to see if you can turn pennies into pounds. Grosvenor Casinos (http://www.grosvenorcasinos.com/Games) has lots of slot machine type games with jackpots from £10 up to several hundred thousand pounds for their popular progressive jackpots.

6.       It wasn’t me officer: Taking part in a police ID parade typically pays around £15 for an appearance on a police ID parade. Most police forces use video ID these days, and the central database operated by West Yorkshire police. Just ask for codename Viper.

7.       Blood brothers: Selling your plasma, which is the liquid protein part of your blood, can pay as much as £30 per visit. Each visit involves two needles, one in each arm, and about 90 minutes of your time.

8.       Hair raising: You can also make money from your hair, if you have any left by now. You need around 10 inches of high quality, excellent condition hair, preferably of the non-smoking, non coloured variety. Typical payments are around £10 per ounce, but some luscious locks fetch as much as £400.

9.       Busk: If you play an instrument, no matter how badly, some enthusiastic busking can usually earn you a good few quid in a short space of time. Attend in grubby attire with a dog on a string for maximum effect.

10.   Men only: Being a sperm donor might seem like easy money to a bloke, but the rather impenetrable screening process will filter out the vast majority. However, if you do make it past the selection process, you’ll be expected to participate on a regular basis, usually three or more times per week for around 6 months. During this time you’ll be expected to abstain from any other sexual activity outside of the clinic, but with payments ranging from £50 – £250 per donation, this could be a great little earner for otherwise unengaged young men.

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