Is High Speed Internet Worth It?

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Choosing not to upgrade to high-speed fibre optic broadband can be a wise choice in terms of saving money, but if you rely heavily on the internet, you may be making a mistake that’ll lead to months of torturously low-speeds and frustration.

Whether you like it or not, high-speed internet is necessary today, especially if you work from home, or live with family where everyone uses the internet. Think about how satisfied you are with your connection now – do you really want to be left behind when everyone else upgrades?

All the leading internet providers like Virgin Media broadband are planning on rolling out fibre optic internet for the rest of the UK by the end of this year.

The future of entertainment is the internet

Yes, they’ve been saying that for years and the evidence is not yet overwhelming, but with the speed at which the entertainment industry is edging towards the distribution of media solely through the internet, it’s a surprise that DVDs haven’t already been completely obsolete.

With services like LoveFilm, NetFlix and so on, there is no reason to buy or rent a DVD if you don’t wish to – it’s just so much faster and easier to stream directly from a streaming website. Why wait?

It’s not just movies and TV either. The music industry is now focusing on internet releases for albums and EPs. Lady Gaga has already out herself ahead of the game and stated that she’s going to release her next album via an app.

Working from home

Working from home rocks – but it rocks slightly less when you’re having a video conference session with your boss and your internet is too slow and sloppy to maintain a strong connection. In this scenario, you need good quality video and audio.

Dropping a conference call isn’t a good look. If the call is particularly important, it might even cost you your job. With high speed internet, you’ll have a far stronger presence when it comes to conference calls.

Too many users online at the same time

If you live by yourself, a slower connection could be perfectly adequate for your needs. But if you’ve got a family of internet addicts who slow your connection down because they want to watch television online, you might find that your internet speed drops below acceptable levels.

Faster internet will hold up, whether you’re accessing it from a smartphone, a computer, a video game console or a tablet computer. If you live in a family where everyone uses the internet daily, high speed internet is more or less a necessity.

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